Forms & Filing
This page contains a list of LOCAL downloadable forms. You can find Judicial Council forms at the California Courts Web site.
All Local Forms
Division Name Effective/Revision Date
Divisions > Criminal Prop 47: Petition/Application (DOCX) 01/15/2015
Divisions > Criminal Prop 47: Order After Petition/Application (DOCX) 01/15/2015
Divisions > Mediation Lake County ADR Packet
Divisions > Criminal Prop 64: Petition/Application (DOCX) 11/17/2016
Divisions > Criminal Prop 64: Order After Petition/Application (DOCX) 11/17/2016
Divisions > Mediation Lake County ADR Packet
Divisions > Small Claims Lake Small Claims Filing Packet 04/01/2011
General Information Local Rules 07/01/2018
General Information Fee Schedule 01/01/2014
General Information Lake County Survey
General Information Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Plan 01/01/2010
General Information Brochure for Court Users
General Information LK-100 - Family Law Case Status Report 01/01/2012
General Information LK-101 - Mandatory Settlement Conference Statement 01/01/2012
General Information LK-102 - Witness List 01/01/2012
General Information LK-150 – Declaration Regarding Notice of Ex Parte Request For Temporary Emergency Orders
General Information Local Contracting Manual 10/17/2013
Jury Grand Jury Application  

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